My Dad My Superhero

A little girl needs daddy

For many , many things

Like holding her high off the ground

Where the sunlight sings !

Like being the deep music

That tells her all is right.

When she awakens frantic with

The terrors of the night.

Like being the gteat mountains 

That rises in her heart 

And shows her how she might get home

When all else falls apart.

Like giving her the love 

That is her sea and air

So dibing deep or soaring high

She’ll always find him there. 

#iloveyoudaddy #youaremyeverything #willalwaysbeyourgirl​

Jeremy Germ’s Death

It was a sunny day when a cute germ came to town. He came to a house, ” where should I start? I know” the germ said to himself. The bathroom!  There were six friends in the house.   The germ pit slime all over the house. The first foolish friend went to clean the toilet.  The germ made him sick. Four other friends came into the bathroom and same thing happened to them! The sixth friend flushed him down the toilet.

But thirty days later the germ jumped out of the toilet. And then he said , My name is Jeremy, and I am going to conquer the world. He turned people into sick zombies.  But the three friends who were sick last time had a vitamin gun. And they used it on people. Then they immediately cleaned up Jeremy.  But Jeremy came back again !! He turned the talkative friend into monster.The other five friends used a super-soup gun.  

Jeremy returned. He was making everyone into his slave.  It took four days for the six friends to find out.  They got a soup-gun , a vitamin gun a sword   of vegetables and vitamin K, D & C, a dagger of health , some awesome shields of protein and iron, ninja blades of health.  But Jeremy got a gloop-gun. The friends planned an attack. The third friend Hank freed Jeremy’s slaves . They used every single weapon and killed Jeremy.

                            The End


“Walk a little slower daddy”

said a child so small, 

“I am following in your footsteps

and I don’t want to fall.

Sometimes they are very fast,

Sometimes they’re hard to see

So walk a little slower, Daddy, 

For you’re leading me. 

Some day when I am all grown up

You’re what I want to be, 

Then I will have a little child

Who will want to follow me.

And I would want to lead just right

And know that I was true,

So walk a little slower,  Daddy, 

For I must follow you” 

The Mis ing Pieces

The song of the bird reaches the ear
The wind sways leaves both far and near
Everything becones lyrical as nature begin to sing
But somehow the melody goes missing
All around faces with the radiant smile
For any kind of sadness it as been a while
Happiness is what it manages to bring
But somehow peace goes missing
There’s creativity and passion in the art
Its like voice coming straight from the heart
Everything around should seem inspiring
But somehow my imagination isnt firing
As I sleep and stretch out my feet
My heart begins to slowly beat
I breathe slowly with my dreams pleasantly hissing
But somehow calm goes missing
Is it due to my dreams unclear ?
Which remind of the loss of near and dear one
Or is it my thought with their incessant travel
Which have branched from succesive unravel?
I tried to find out what this is the thing that i truly miss
What is it that my efforts cant beat the thing that leaves the puzzle incomplete
Though all is well and nothing seems wrong and everything is where it should belong
But it feels that life wouls be a perfect song if only missing pieces had come along

Carefree days

I miss being a kid

I miss birthday parties in class

with cupcakes and spelling test with the

extra word being happiness.

i miss being able to run around

playing freeze tag all day without

getting tired then putting my head

on the pillow with no worries or cares .

I miss eating however much i wanted.

I miss running home to watch TV

and walking saturday morning for cartoons.

i missed the most of all was the time that

seemed to never run out.

As a child i always wanted to grow up

But now i realize that those broken

toys and lost pencils were much better

than broken hearts and lost friendships.